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a Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price film review
As an associate, I know that there are some problems with this company as all other companies I have worked for in the past. They are the largest employer there for they are likely to have more problems. I have been with them for 4 years and I always keep an eye open for better oppertunities. I have never been offered more money from any other company doing the same job. Wal-Mart does not own Chinese (communist's), Indian or other "sweat shops" it does business with (along with Lowe's, Home Depot, Target, Sears, K-Mart or the rest). Blame the unions for forceing these companies to go outside the U.S. for products and the people who buy them.

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Ha! Good try! You are either a Walton Family PR rep working to alleviate the damage caused by this film or you are completely ignorant. Take a walk around the store and look at where your merchandise is made. Perhaps your employer doesn't OWN the foreign facilities in which nearly all of their goods are made at exploitive rates, but they are certainly taking advantage of them and doing precious little to pay a fair wage to those workers. Take an economics course and then examine the effects of your employer within your community. They and the myriad of other (though somewhat smaller) corporations dominating the U.S. marketplace are quite literally destroying our country. Think beyond your job and your store and look at the big picture. Then quit your job and join us in fighting for opportunities and lifestyles and a world worth having. Be informed! Wishing you well - Dionne

That's funny, What planet do you live on? I worked for wal-mart for 7 months and had exelent reviews. The promised me Great insurance after 6 months so I accepted the (low $7.70 wage) Busting my butt unloading trucks and stocking shelves. Guess what When I finlay got to see what the insurance was, IT SUCKED It didn't even cover wellness checks on my kids But that's ok they said because Welfare will take care of you! So I gladly left The home of EVERYDAY LOW Wages and got a job paying almost twice that and have good benifits, vacation, lifeinsurance and more (WAKE UP WAL-MART)

People should take a look at Orlando (great documentary material--filmmakers please take note)and how one of the nation's largest single-site employers, Walt Disney World, with its nearly 60,000 workers, (many of whom are eligible for government assistance) is creating a HUGE local underclass and how Orlando is experiencing the accompanying social and economic disorders. I call it the "Wal-Mart Syndrome" where a Fortune 500 company such as Disney is expanding its low-wage empire on its workers' bruised backs and robbing the local governments and economies of well-deserved tax monies by underpaying the majority of its workforce and expecting government programs to cover the shortfall. Crime is at an all-time high with the highest murder rate in the Southeast, next to New Orleans. Corporations who pay ridiculous salaries to their top 2% and screw the rest of their workers should wake up and smell the coffee. Films such as "Wal-Mart" will probably be gaining momentum and public awareness and hopefully will force monster corporations such as Wal-Mart, Disney, McDonald's, etc. to take notice. Change only happens when the majority mandate it.

Heh. I'm an associate, and I happen to know that we do have quite a lot of domestic goods... and we browbeat and abuse THOSE sellers, too. (Wal-Mart doesn't 'make' sweatshops... we just make it so that only sweatshops will ever profit from us and get our buyers to pick up their stock to put on our shelves.)

Hey folks, take a look at the merchandise at other retailers too. If there are no other foreign made goods in those stores, you may have a points, but I don't think you can say that....CAN YOU?

There shouldn't be sweatshops in the world, in the first place. So, Wal-Mart is just allowing all the sweatshops to still be active. WHICH IS WRONG!!!!

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